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DLS Consulting, PLLC was established in 1991 to provide specialized consulting services to assist financial institutions in improving credit risk management and dealing with regulatory requirements.  The company is a unique association of highly effective, experienced and competent professionals who provide specialized expertise in a variety of areas important to dealing with the challenges facing bankers in today’s financial services environment.  Our professionals include former bank regulators, lenders, credit mangers, operations specialists, audit managers and compliance officers. Over the years we have developed favorable reputations with industry professionals and regulators.  Based in Montana, we have provided audit, review and consulting services to a wide range of banks and credit unions in the Rocky Mountain, Northwest and Midwest states.  Working with a variety of clients allows us to bring the best industry practices to your organization.  Our loan review professionals are highly productive and efficient in providing valuable, insightful, third-party assessments of loan portfolios.  We have extensive experience in commercial real estate, commercial, agriculture, consumer, and real estate loans.  Our compliance experts have comprehensive knowledge and practical experience in regulations affecting financial institutions today and stay up to date in current regulatory changes.  We invite you to contact us to find out more about DLS Consulting, PLLC.

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